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Roo and Neil

In this duo with Roo Geddes, we write original music for accordion and violin, drawing on our shared backgrounds in classical, folk, and jazz music. In May 2022, we released our debut CD Homelands, featuring music inspired by places and people in our lives. 

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Storytelling Collaborations

For a number of years I have been working with alongside storytellers working in Scotland to create storytelling and music collaborative performances. These include Svend-Erik Engh, Alice Fernbank, Claire Hewitt, and Shona Cowie. Over time I became increasingly interested and involved in the storytelling, and now incoporate this into my own performances. Svend and I have created and performed three shows together at the Edinburgh Fringe and Scottish International Storytelling Festival: Wolves Within, Walk the Oars and Three Rivers Rising (with Claire Hewitt). And most recently, With the Devil's Assistance, a storytelling show by Shona Cowie and myself, was warmly received bu audiences and reviewers at the Edinburgh Fringe 2022. 

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Svend and Neil 

Svend and Alice

Shona Cowie

WtDA Rehearsal.jpg

With the Devil's Assistance : Shona Cowie and Neil Sutcliffe. Photo by Elly Lucas (2022)

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